MFI provides general litigation services for clients of all sizes. MFI has represented clients for numerous issues, such as commercial litigation, derivative lawsuits, breach of contract, Board of Appeals Hearings, etc. With experience as counsel for both defendants and plaintiffs, MFI attorneys are well positioned to provide clear insight into complex litigation matters.

Being sued in federal court or state court is often a very troubling situation for most individuals and businesses. Many clients are uncertain how to respond, what documents to secure, and the potential costs associated with litigating a dispute. MFI works with its clients to provide cost-effective billing strategies such as fixed prices, to offset the uncertainty associated with defending a lawsuit. Additionally, MFI works with regional and national firms to provide legal services for complex matters.

MFI has represented clients throughout various venues within the Philadelphia region. Below is a small sample of matters litigated by MFI;

  • Mortgage foreclosure proceedings for personal and commercial properties;
  • FINRA arbitration disputes
  • FINRA enforcement actions
  • SEC investigations
  • Pennsylvania nonprofit derivative actions on behalf of religious institution
  • Receivership proceedings in Federal Court
  • Department of Public Welfare Board of Hearings and Appeals

In addition to the above, MFI provides quality legal representation for charter schools and school districts surrounding special education students. Under federal and state law, any student with an Individualized Educational Plan ("IEP") must be provided equal access to a free and appropriate public education. An education provider that does not comply with the services outlined in the IEP may be liable for compensational education costs for the student, in addition to attorney fees. MFI represents school districts and charter schools in evaluating a potential violation of the special education laws in addition to developing and implementing proactive measures to minimize liability for potential cases.

If you are involved in a litigated matter contact our office today and speak with one of our attorneys Free of Charge.